The Ear reviews the Kii Three speakers


Jason Kennedy finds he would very much like a pair of the Kii Three speakers himself


You can easily hear why this speaker would make the ultimate studio monitor, it’s compact and uncannily revealing. You’ll need a good source, and great recordings can sound transcendental, but what’s especially enjoyable about the Kii Three is that all you really need to do is to open your ears and immerse yourself in the richness of detail on offer, whether it be from Steely Dan, Arab Strap, Ludwig van Beethoven or anyone else. Everything you play has a rightness through this speaker that is quite bewitching. I would very much like a pair myself but from a reviewing point of view putting three of the four elements in a system in one box is not going to help when the next DAC or amp comes along, which is a pity because for a transparency junky like me this is an addictive loudspeaker system.

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