We proudly represent and distribute some of the world’s most beautifully designed audio brands


the brands we proudly represent


Sound Design Distribution is an independent U.K. distribution company formed in 2007 by an experienced team of design and audio enthusiasts

We specialise in finding and promoting powerfully beautiful products that are easy to use and enjoy.

Working with specialist retailers from the design and interiors world, specialist audio and custom installers, and the finest department stores, our goal is to widen the choice of premium quality design and convenience for home owners inspired by exclusivity.

The Brands that we proudly represent include Kii Audio, Mola Mola, Vivid Audio, Tivoli Audio and Accusound.

In selecting our products we look for three things:

Kii Audio shown

Kii Audio shown

1. Quality

A Sound Design product has to demonstrate high quality in performance, construction and value.

Every product is handmade by true masters of their craft, and because measurements only tell half the story, products are fine-tuned by the most accurate instrument in the world, the human ear.

Value is also as important to us as it is to our customers, which is something we look at very closely when representing a brand.



2. Simplicity

All the products distributed by Sound Design are intelligently connected and intuitive to use.

We believe the user experience should be one of pure pleasure, liberated from the need for an instruction manual every five minutes.

Of course, we are on-hand as are our network of specialist dealers who will happily offer support and answer any technical questions or queries you may have.

Mola Mola shown

Mola Mola shown

Vivid Audio shown

Vivid Audio shown

3. Style

All Sound Design products are designed to enhance your living space, and many are available to order in a wide choice of custom colours.

Above all else, our products will enhance your listening pleasure, allowing you to hear things you have never head before, coupled with a level of realism that gets you closer to the music you love.

Feel free to speak to us if you have any specific requirements.


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