INTRODUCING accusound cables

The finest high definition copper and hybrid silver/copper cables available



Building on their legacy as the leading choice of world-class microphone designers, recording studios and mastering facilities around the globe, Accusound used its expertise to create cables specifically for the audiophile. Accusound's audiophile designs let you hear the music as it was intended by the artists - with all of the tones, textures and musical interactions fully preserved. The soundstage of each recording is revealed such that you’ll hear all the instruments accurately positioned within the recording space and the air around them. You’ll hear depth in your recordings as you’ve never heard. With Accusound you’ll hear the music, not the cable.


Just read what audiophiles, manufacturers and music producers are saying about accusound cables…

 Andrew Robinson, Managing Editor-
"What I really liked about the Accusound's sound was the lower mid-bass texture and control, something I hadn't realized my pro cables had been slightly glossing over."

Analogue Artisan is revolutionizing the way we listen to vinyl.

Tony Maserati, Multi-time GRAMMY Award-winning engineer
"...I could immediately hear a difference in clarity and definition in my work.”

Russ Long, Nashville-based engineer/ producer
“The cables are truly astounding. I would never have dreamed that my monitoring accuracy could improve that drastically from simply switching out a few cables”.

Pete Matthews, Ardent Studios / PM Music
"I was immediately impressed with the build of the cable, sturdy and substantial. But when I plugged it in, that’s what really sold me. Using an Accusound mic cable (after being used to a lesser cable) is like taking a pillow case off your microphone..."

Glenn Rosenstein, Grammy Award Winning Producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter
“Just about the best sounding cable I’ve ever wrapped my ears around. Vastly better clarity, better staging,..."

Sammy Merendino, Recording and Performing Artist
"The detail and clarity is amazing. My drums sound the same through the speakers as they do in the room!”

David Schober, Composer/ Pianist/ Professor
"Earlier this year I got to go to London to record an orchestra at Abbey Road for a project that I'm just now beginning to mix. The last time I had these sessions up was with my old cables. There are few things better than putting up a project in process with these new cables. Hearing the clarity, definition and musicality in a way which had been hidden made me a happy boy!"

Maged Ragab, Mix & Mastering Engineer
(Ms. Lauryn Hill, Qusai, Fredwreck, Alchemist, Kool G Rap)

The IX3’s are a step up above everything else I was using before. It was pretty transformative, and felt like I was listening in a totally different room. And the digilink is no slouch. It’s the most depth I’ve been able to achieve from a digital cable yet.